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    Biology plays an important role in the evaluation and the decision-making process of many developments. Still, many arguments from this discipline are excluded from the planning stages and processes. A young division within Bureau Broersma is here to fill this gap and to provide clear solutions: BioCoaching Consultancy.

    Max Stam, +31 (0) 612 373 000

    Emotionally laden problems

    Emotional involvement in the term sustainability is currently common practice in parliamentary debate. For this reason, recommendations are usually limited to reducing pollution and increasing the circularity of businesses and projects. BioCoaching Consultancy aims to readdress the issues at hand and explores recommendations based on the most current scientific insights. Thereby, BioCoaching Consultancy succeeds in delivering surprisingly new and effective solutions to previously run-down problems.

    Rebuting unfounded criticism

    Logo Bureau Broersma klein What is and what is not biological by nature? Does the argumentation follow the standard approach as formulated by the government? A reorientation might lead to new conclusions. Often, a negative recommendation can be transformed into a positive recommendation by using solid argumentation. This new view can usually lead to decisive arguments in favour of rebuttal of unfounded criticism.

    Bio Real Estate?

    Logo Bureau Broersma klein BioCoaching Consultancy focuses on all biological aspects within the world of real estate development. Hereby, stalemates in decision-making processes can be resolved. The discardment of emotional barriers in assessments will turn projects that were previously evaluated as impossible into possible, by which these projects may eventually be realised.

    Bureau Broersma

    BioCoaching Consultancy is a part of Bureau Broersma, and operates from the main office at the Groothertogginelaan 33.

    Max Stam
    A Master’s degree at the University of Leiden leads Max Stam to the following essential question: How can the invaluable knowledge obtained during his studies be used optimally in a meaningful manner? His search takes him to many businesses, but none can offer the challenge he seeks. That is, until Andries Broersma takes him by surprise with the invitation to collaborate together with Bureau Broersma. Max grabs the opportunity and together with Andries and Pieter Stam, Max’ brother, BioCoaching Consultancy is born. Course and goals are set and the first results prove them right: Biology can be used to establish a solid decision-making process and to provide innovative solutions and applications.
    Pieter Stam
    In an ideal world, every strategic choice leads to an increase in value. In order to glean insight into prospects beforehand, one must look at the value drivers. With extant knowledge of various business models and their value drivers, Pieter Stam helps entrepreneurs, investors, governments and supervisors with the purchase and sale of businesses and real estate. Amongst other activities, he estimates the value of patents, risks and revenues. He is active in various industries and is therefore able to calculate the risks, liabilities and revenues of multiple scenarios. Every business is unique and therefore a holistic approach is needed in order to accomplish goals. Pieter is the financial expert within BioCoaching Consultancy.
    ir. Andries Broersma (1955)
    After secondary school, Andries Broersma chooses to study Civil Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He graduates and fulfils his military conscription as a platoon commander in the military engineering department. A building crisis in the early eighties contracts the amount of job opportunities in the building sector, but luckily there is a spot available at Buro Broersma, the engineering firm of Andries’ dad. From the moment he was employed, Andries has been the driving force behind the continuous modernisation of the firm. The drawing board disappears from the repertoire and no longer does anybody work with the slide rule. Andries carefully keeps up to date with the newest developments within the sector and time and again points out the necessary innovations with regards to the methods, procedures and techniques employed. Only three employees have worked at Bureau Broersma for longer than Andries and in the meanwhile, he has become the eldest at the firm. He enjoys maintaining the many contacts with clients, architects, consultants and contractors that continuously provide refreshing insights in the expertise of the structural engineer. The membership of many associations, the guiding and supervision of graduating students and his position within the professional advisory committee at The Hague University still inspire him every day. Add his three children and that he has been together with Brigitte for 40 years and it will be clear that ir. Andries Broersma will remain to set the course for Bureau Broersma. Everyone may have his number (+31653160124). If he does not pick up, he is far away at sea and unfortunately out of reach.